Current Specifications on Roku TV USB ports

Roku devices have USB ports that can be used for various purposes:

  • To access external media like USB drives
  • Power external USB devices

The USB port cannot be used to support a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi dongle.

A standard USB port is capable of supplying 5 Volt and 500 mA (milliAmps) of current. This limits what the USB port can be used for.

Over the years, Roku has been increasing the amount of current it is able to provide for external hard drives and storage media.

The table below specifies how much current a Roku Device’s USB port can provide

 Roku Ultra 1170 mA
Roku 4900 mA
Roku 3650 mA
 Roku 2 XS650 mA
Roku 4K TV1100 mA
Roku TV720 mA