S3 Mixed Signal IP Portfolio Tapes Out at 65nm

High Performance Mixed Signal IP Targets Wireless (WiMAX and WiLAN) Digital Video Applications

SAN JOSE, CA, April 5, 2007 – S3 (Silicon and Software Systems) today announced the tape-out at 65nm of its high-performance mixed signal IP portfolio for wireless and consumer applications.

S3 has already achieved multiple volume engagements with its first-time right silicon at 90nm, enabling rapid time to production revenue for its global client base. The taping out of S3’s mixed-signal portfolio at lower process technology nodes is consistent with the company’s business strategy of growing its IP portfolio and licensing revenue to 50 percent of total company sales in the next five years.

S3’s technology coincides with the worldwide movement toward WiMAX as a means of increasing bandwidth beyond traditional cellular technologies. The company has targeted high-performance converter IP development with leading fabless clients.

“S3 has extensive experience with complex SoC designs and our IP portfolio is already proven at 90nm, validating our ability to deliver time-to-market advantages to clients using industry-standard converter IP,” said Mike Murray, S3 general manager, Mixed Signal IP. “S3 is advancing along the process technology roadmap and this recent tape-out confirms the extension of the mixed signal IP model to the 65nm domain and beyond.”

Murray noted that fast-moving consumer and wireless markets are characterized by shrinking product cycles, ever-smaller form-factors, low-power demands, higher functionality, faster speeds and design-cost pressures. He said clients are benefiting from the proven success and design experience that S3 demonstrated by incorporating mixed signal IP at the 90nm node.

About S3 (Silicon & Software Systems)

S3 is the Connected Consumer Technology company, providing expert consumer systems and technology design capabilities. S3’s professional services and products enable its clients to design and deliver next-generation devices, systems and services to consumers at home and on the move.

For IC designers and product managers, S3 delivers a comprehensive portfolio of mixed-signal IP and design services for power-efficient single-chip systems. S3’s 90nm and 65nm SoC customers are repeat users, who benefit from having the confidence to meet tight time-to-market schedules with reduced design risk, using the company’s designs.

Founded in 1986, S3 is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and has offices across the USA and Europe. S3’s clients are global and include start-ups, SMEs and multi-national organizations. For further information please visit www.s3group.com.

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