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San Jose, CA, October 1st, 2009 – Silicon & Software Systems Ltd. (S3), a worldwide leading provider of design services, consultancy and software products to the semiconductor industry, the digital TV industry and the telehealth industry, today announced that it has joined the Power Forward Initiative (PFI). Established by Cadence Design Systems, Inc. and its partners to develop comprehensive approaches to power-efficient design, PFI now welcomes S3 as the organization continues to advance low power standards and solutions.

S3 has been focused on low power design for over 20 years, and has a heritage of contributing to power standards for wireless design, from the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard to the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard for radio technologies. The company has full analog-digital-RF SoC architecture, design and verification capabilities. S3 has also developed advanced low power methodologies to automate design techniques such as voltage islands and voltage gating in nanometer nodes, which it has been applying since 2004. Recently, S3 integrated the Common Power Format (CPF) into its proprietary NanoFlow environment, thereby reducing risk and accelerating time to market for low power designs. S3’s design services expertise is complemented by an extensive portfolio of silicon-proven power management products including Mixed Signal IP (DC/DC, Linear Regulators, and Power Switches).

“We are happy to bring our low power implementation knowledge, and experience, including multiple tapeouts at leading edge geometries, to help address the common goals of the PFI. We are looking forward to making what we hope will be valuable contributions to the initiative,” said James Blair, Director of Consumer Silicon Services, S3.

“It is a pleasure to welcome S3, with such a strong legacy in the IC design industry, into the Power Forward Initiative,” said Steve Carlson, vice president of Low Power Solutions marketing at Cadence. “With the addition of S3 the Power Forward Initiative has grown to over 40 highly reputable members, all of whom are delivering on our common goal of bringing high-quality, low power methodologies, solutions, services and silicon to customers globally.”


About Silicon & Software Systems Ltd. (S3):
S3 is the Connected Consumer Technology Company, providing semiconductor design services, semiconductor IP, software products, and systems knowledge expertise for its global client base competing in fast-moving consumer electronics as well as wired and wireless communications markets. S3’s technologies, products and professional services enable semiconductor companies, consumer electronics companies and healthcare providers to deliver next-generation devices, systems and services to consumers at home and on the move. For IC designers and product managers, S3 delivers a comprehensive portfolio of mixed-signal IP and design services for power-efficient single-chip systems. S3’s System-on-Chip customers are repeat users, who benefit from having the confidence to meet tight time-to-market schedules with reduced design risk. S3’s mixed signal IP includes a wide portfolio of high performance A/D and D/A convertors, PLLs, Analog Front Ends (AFEs), Power Management and other miscellaneous circuits which have been silicon proven at a number of merchant foundries (TSMC, UMC, Chartered, IBM, Tower, SMIC) at nodes ranging from 0.18um to 65nm.  Founded in 1986, S3 has design centers in Ireland (Dublin and Cork), Lisbon in Portugal, Wroclaw in Poland, Prague in the Czech Republic and San Jose in the USA with sales offices and representatives globally. For further information please visit www.s3group.com or email us at info(at)s3group.com.

Fiona D’Arcy, Silicon & Software Systems (S3)
Tel: +353.87.2808828 Email: fiona.darcy(at)s3group.com

About Power Forward Initiative:
The Power Forward Initiative, which has more than 40 member companies, is an industry initiative sponsored by Cadence Design Systems (NASDAQ: CDNS) and has the goal of enabling the design and production of more power-efficient electronic devices. The initiative includes companies representing a broad cross section of the design chain including system, semiconductor, foundry, IP, EDA, ASIC and design services companies. The Common Power Format (CPF) was contributed by Cadence to the Si2 Low Power Coalition in December 2006; CPF is now the most widely deployed low-power intent standard in the industry and available from Si2. The Initiative has also published A Practical Guide to Low-Power Design – User experience with CPF which is aimed at educating the broad design marketplace in utilizing advanced low-power design techniques. The Guide is available free of charge atwww.powerforward.org.

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Power Forward Initiative


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