S3 Group Announces Latest Release to its RF and Mixed Signal IP Product Guide

DUBLIN – April 23rd, 2013S3 Group, a global independent developer of RF and Mixed-Signal IP, supplying Data Converter, RF, Power Management IP cores and subsystems and IC Design Services to OEMs, system vendors and semiconductor companies, has recently added a plethora of new products to its bi-annual IP product guide.  These new products include:

  • Seven new silicon proven RF IP building blocks (baseband, power amplifier, mixers, LNAs)
  • A new DC-DC controller released in TSMC 28nm
  • Two new LDOs in Global Foundries 65nm
  • A new 10-bit 1MS/s SAR ADC IP
  • A new 16-bit Sigma Delta ADC for sensor applications
  • A 12-bit 64MS/s ADC in TSMC 40nm GP
  • A silicon proven 14-Bit 19MS/s Dual ADC in TSMC 0.18um
  • A silicon proven 12-bit 20MS/s Dual DAC  in TSMC 0.18um
  • A silicon proven 10-Bit 162MS/s Triple DAC in TSMC 55nm GP

These products have applicability in a number of commercial products in multiple industry verticals including wireless and wireline communications, digital broadcasting, imaging, solar, and green energy.

“We are committed to adding new IP blocks to meet the differing needs of our diverse and global customer base on a regular basis as well as continuing to innovate at the lower process technology nodes. In addition to off-the-shelf IP S3 Group customizes IP to exact and very demanding specifications which can help our clients get to volume production quickly with high quality and high reliability” said Dermot Barry, VP Silicon, S3 Group.


Dermot Barry: VP Silicon, S3 Group

Tel: +353 1 291 1000 Email: info(at)s3group.com

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