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CMOS RF Enables Transformation of IoT Satellite Communications

CMOS RF/mmWave Technologies Enable the Transformation of IoT Satellite Communications S3semi are excited to be present at the upcoming European Microwave Week 2018 conference and our very own Cormac O'Sullivan is giving a presentation on: “A Highly Integrated Transceiver for Mobile Satellite Services User Terminals Incorporating Dual Receivers for Satellite Handover and Digital PreDistortion for PA Linearization on 0.18μm CMOS”. To coincide with this event, we look at some of the ongoing developments which

All things Danish at E-18

E-18: The Electronics and Robotics Industry in Denmark S3 Semiconductors attended the recent E-18 show in Odense, Denmark.  The 3-day electronics fair which ran from the 11th to the 13th of September at the Odense Congress Centre was a collection of all that is Danish in the Electronics and Robotics industry, with a good International representation also.  There were three halls at the event – one focused on Robotics, one for production and one

SWaP for the IoT

Engineering, like life, is all about compromises. You might want that new sports car, but how do you justify the cost? And does it have enough space to take the kids to football practice? Similarly, in any electronics system design, you need to balance multiple factors, and make trade-offs. You can’t have everything. SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) is a term more familiar in the aerospace and defence worlds but is a good way

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S3 Semiconductors will be at ISICAS 2018 S3 Semiconductors are delighted to be supporting ISICAS 2018 in Taormina, Italy next week.  João Melo from S3semi will be presenting a paper with his co-authors Nuno

Prime 2018

S3 Semiconductors will be at Prime 2018 S3 Semiconductors are delighted to be supporting Prime 2018 in Prague next week.  Come along and hear Ana Correia present a paper in the Data Converters session