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Custom Silicon cuts costs by 80%

Oil and Gas Industry: custom silicon delivers a better smart valve while cutting costs by 80% Recently, S3 Semiconductors worked with a highly respected supplier of equipment to the oil and gas industry to design a smart control valve. The successful project not only slashed costs but also resulted in a next-generation product that leapfrogged the customer years ahead of its competitors. For the petrochemicals production sector, where a few minutes of lost production can

ARM TechCon 2017

    The ARM TechCon conference is the world’s largest event that deals with ARM technology. It took place in Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, from October 24 to 26. The event consisted of a conference and an exhibition. The conference papers covered silicon design and software development, power-efficiency, industrial & functional safety, trust and security, advanced applications like computer vision and machine learning, and also Internet of Things (IoT), including sensor fusion and smart

How to calculate whether custom integrated circuits could save you money when designing IIoT devices

We’ve previously looked at the technical benefits of using custom integrated circuits when you’re designing, manufacturing and supporting devices destined for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Something we only briefly touched on in that piece was the financial side, noting that custom silicon can be cheaper than the traditional approach of combining tens or even hundreds of discrete components on a circuit board. Given that cost has long been seen as a barrier for

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1411, 2017

S3 Semiconductors Expands Sales Rep Network

Dublin – 14th November, 2017 – S3 Semiconductors, a global supplier of Mixed-Signal and RF Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of representative firm Cedar Technologies to cover the

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