Dublin – 14th November, 2017 – S3 Semiconductors, a global supplier of Mixed-Signal and RF Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of representative firm Cedar Technologies to cover the UK and Nordic territories.

S3 Semiconductors expands its presence through this strategic representative agreement to fulfil increased customer demand in these territories.  Cedar Technologies are representing leading manufacturers of technology and solutions that fit with current market requirements in Northern Europe since 1922.

Dermot Barry, VP and General Manager at S3 Semiconductors commented, “S3 Semiconductors prides itself on working closely with our customers and understanding their custom integrated chip requirements through careful examination of their whole system.  We are very pleased to partner with Cedar Technologies, who have similar strengths to S3semi and who can increase our presence in Northern Europe and the UK.  Both companies are focused on supplying customers with the solution that best fits their performance, size and cost budgets and thus makes this relationship an ideal match.”

“Cedar Technologies is very proud to be representing S3 Semiconductors, a leading supplier of Mixed-Signal and RF custom integrated circuits.  Their 20 years’ experience supplying customers in Industrial and Communications markets makes them an ideal partner for Cedar Technologies and our customers”, states Brian Märcher, Director at Cedar Technologies.

About S3 Semiconductors

S3 Semiconductors designs advanced mixed signal chips and manages every aspect of supplying production devices to its customers using some of the world’s most advanced semiconductor production facilities. With more than 20 years’ experience designing advanced analog and digital circuitry for hundreds of customers in every major region, S3 Semiconductors delivers a new breed of design-centric semiconductor supplier capable of optimising its designs for every customer, yet achieving cost economies not thought possible with custom chips designs until now. S3 Semiconductors has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in Cork, the US, Portugal, the Czech Republic, along with representatives worldwide. Visit www.s3semi.com

About Cedar Technologies

Cedar Technologies was formed in 1992 and has since successfully demonstrated to be a very effective vehicle to take high technology to the market in Northern Europe.  Cedar Technologies are representing leading manufactures of technology and solutions that fit with the current market requirements in Northern Europe and the UK. 


Darren Hobbs, Director of Marketing & Strategy, S3 Semiconductors

Tel: +353 1 563 2000 Email: darren.hobbs@s3group.com

Brian Märcher, Director, Cedar Technologies

Tel: +45 305 27018 Email: brian@cedartech.dk

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