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How you can reduce system costs by up to 80%

Designing electronic systems with standard chips is a compromise. It’s expensive too because external components are over specified and hence expensive. Based on the latest design methodologies and years of electronic integration experience, we’re changing that. We’ll create a chip that’s a perfect match for your innovation, cutting your bill of materials, differentiating your products, and protecting your design IP.

Within seconds, this calculator will give you a first estimate of the potential cost savings to convert your electronic system from a board to a chip. It will reveal your approximate break-even time and your total savings over the lifetime of the project.

Because every design is different, savings may be less in some instances and greater in others but the calculator provides a good starting point for your evaluation.

What’s more, your primary reason for developing a custom chip may be one of the many other benefits of doing so, such as security, reliability or system size reduction.

If the calculator results are interesting, please contact us to discuss your project.

Custom integrated chips reduce BOM
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