Our technology underpins your industrial revolution

Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are collective terms for the revolution in automation and data exchange in manufacturing and other industrial activities. This trend utilizes real-time data to reduce waste and improve efficiency. Being able to do this remotely and in real-time allows for optimization of resources in terms of cost, power, area and reliability.

We have many years’ experience in implementing industrial system-on-chip (SoC) designs, achieving as much as 80% bill of materials reductions for our customers. What’s more, because we optimize both at block and system level, our chips deliver lowest total system power consumption under your operating loads.  These benefits are combined with superior system performance.


A major supplier of industrial machinery commissioned S3semi to develop a smart valve controller chip for the Oil & Gas markets.

  • Designed for intrinsic safety
  • Multiple sensor interfaces:
    • Pressure
    • Temperature
    • Diagnostics
  • Integrated smart motor control
  • Valve positioning actuator control
  • Communications (Fieldbus, HART)
  • Integrated ARM processor
  • Low Power (<20mW)

Why use S3semi?

The S3semi industrial advantage:

  • IIoT communications protocol expertise
  • Ultra-low power wireless sensor nodes (WSN)
  • Integrated motor drive expertise
  • Complete system integration including DSPs and MCUs
  • Full support for long lifetime products
  • >80% electronic BOM reduction

Security is a growing concern for electronics designers but the on-chip electronics to implement it is often considered too late in the design process.

Implementing a Security First strategy where security designed in at the start is forefront in the specification stage at S3semi.

On-chip security coupled with your IP integrated on chip enables far stronger protection for your system from reverse engineering but also hacking.