ARM TechCon 2017



The ARM TechCon conference is the world’s largest event that deals with ARM technology. It took place in Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, from October 24 to 26.

The event consisted of a conference and an exhibition.

The conference papers covered silicon design and software development, power-efficiency, industrial & functional safety, trust and security, advanced applications like computer vision and machine learning, and also Internet of Things (IoT), including sensor fusion and smart nodes.

At the exhibition room, there were companies that presented their software development tools, development platforms, security solutions, design IPs, system on chips, and ASIC design services.

ARM also presented recent updates and future plans for the Mbed platform, which provides developer tools, operating system and cloud services for IoT applications. Attendees could get hands-on experience on technical workshops in Arm Mbed Connect program as well.

In the area of IoT, ARM also showed discussed security topics and approaches to design and manage various IoT devices which numbers are growing rapidly – expected to reach one trillion IoT devices by 2025.

In the field of security, ARM introduced their Platform Security Architecture (PSA) initiative, which is a set of security analyses, specifications and reference implementations, provided to decrease complexity of implementation of security functions in embedded designs.

The trillion IoT devices impose high requirements on power efficiency and device capabilities. Low-power design become a crucial feature, especially when energy harvesting is to be used instead of common batteries. The nodes will have to be more intelligent as well, i.e. change from remote-sensors like nodes to true smart nodes, in order to reduce data bandwidth and cloud servers load.

S3semi is a semiconductor company that provides expertise in design of custom mixed-signal chips, which fit into the smart IoT concept perfectly due to their low power consumption, high level of integration and advanced security features, all of which are crucial for these IoT devices.

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