In real-time control, system processing needs to be performed at the source in order to optimize system responsiveness, communication overhead and security.  This is commonly referred to as processing at the edge, or edge computing.  Considering the non-homogenous nature of the applications in the Industrial IoT, no optimized fit-for-all solution exists.  Current solutions are big, power hungry and not cost effective.  S3 Semiconductors customized integration delivers optimized performance and cost.  Our SmartEdgeTM platform delivers on both counts. 

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With over 20 years experience in delivering custom integrated chips for the industrial market, S3 Semiconductors are ready to work with you on defining your edge computing requirements and deliver to you, your very own performance and cost-optimized edge solution that senses, calibrates, controls and securely communicates.

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edge computing
Analog Front End

Sensor AFE

Sensors are inherently non-linear devices that convert physical real-world stimulus to analog signal representations. Interpreting and digitizing these signals requires specialist engineering expertise – a key strength of S3semi’s engineering team. The AFE (Analog Front End) defines sensor performance, ensuring the maximum possible information is extracted for every sensor element. S3 Semiconductors has an extensive portfolio of AFE’s, enabling sensor designers and integrators to maximize sensor performance.


Measurement of anything needs to be consistent – that’s why local calibration is essential for any sensor, especially if its located remotely. Intelligent calibration means both the sensor and its AFE will be more accurate for far longer. However, designing this requires intimate knowledge of both the sensor’s behavior over the lifetime as well as the rest of the electronics. S3 Semiconductors has all the knowledge and tools to create customized intelligent calibration for your products



Due to control-loop latency and security concerns, real-time control will invariably remain at the edge. The control system options used in an industrial context are many and an understanding of how to craft a robust solution is key. Also in some cases, system management updates will be communicated to the cloud. S3 Semiconductors has extensive experience interpreting these many requirements and tailoring the optimal solution.


Greater adoption of IIoT relies on low power, ultra-reliable communications, often in difficult or extreme operating conditions, whether that be industrial current control loop, ethernet or wireless based. Communications is not only between the edge device and the local hub but also between the local hub and the cloud. Because S3 Semiconductors has more than 2 decades of experience designing a wide range of on-chip communications, we have the systems knowledge and experience to help you optimize all the communications needed for your products.

ASIC for Communications
ASIC for Industrial


Since sensors gather raw data, and actuators operate real equipment, security is an ever-increasing concern for every IIoT designer. On-chip hardware-based security is widely regarded as preferable to software-only methods, as it is far harder to defeat or hack. S3 Semiconductors works with some of the leading security companies in the world to bring the latest security technologies into every S3semi design.

Embedded Software

Incorporating intelligence at the edge can require quite a degree of embedded software development, whether that be annealing new hardware into existing systems or creation of totally new code. S3 Semiconductors has a strong legacy of supporting embedded software development through its internal teams and partner eco-system, covering development tools, debug tools or middleware components. We speak your language.

Embedded Design
SmartEdge Onion

SmartEdgeTM Integration

Many IIoT system designers are already incorporating in edge computing solutions based on non-optimised collections of multiple components, leading to systems that are big, power hungry and cost ineffective. S3 Semiconductors SmartEdgeTM platform solves this problem by integrating as much as possible of your solution onto a single chip. An integrated custom solution provides more reliability, optimized performance, lower power and far lower cost, even in modest production volumes. Our approach is far cheaper than many people think – see our calculator, and means your product is generations ahead of your competition who use non-optimised multiple off-the-shelf components.

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